The DI CANTO SPA is a leading company for daily and periodical press distribution. The service is guaranteed every day, including holidays. From the press distribution centers, 365 days a year, daily newspapers or periodicals arrive at nighttime in our Company at Eboli, to be available early in the morning on newsstands all across area.

The efficiency of DI CANTO SPA distribution system relies on the use of the latest equipment that can handle in a timely manner a network and also by providing a good certified working performance. Our fast resources, in fact, together with the daily circulation of freshly produced print, and it is prepared for regular withdrawal from the regional distribuiton center, to providing in addition for certification of the entire yield macerated.

The DI CANTO SPA, therefore, not only covers the last, crucial chain of Italian distribution chain , the one that accompanies the big publishing houses in your homes, but thanks to its computerized control system, is a focal point of communication with all parts in this chain, from news agencies, suppliers and dealers.