It’s passion, and not the interests ruling the world

Émile-Auguste Chartier, Mars or Judgment, 1921


The DI CANTO SPA was born thanks to the passion of Vito Di Canto, who knew how to turn his job into a company, which today is among the most reliable in the Italian publishing world.

A native of Eboli (SA), he began working as a truck driver in the 70s: a night job, which has allowed him to live twice , every night for about 500 km, and never miss a delivery day, and cutting out the ties on withdrawals, building a retailers network, consulting publishers, always accompanied by the smell of printed paper.

Animated by an extraordinary spirit of adaptation, just like typical Southern people, vital and creative, the history of DI CANTO SPA conveys the one of the Italian publishing and distribution chain, along the streets of Cilento, where there wasn’t a distribution network , but a human heritage to be enhanced. So Vito Di Canto begins to urge the opening of kiosks, where there were only delicatessens , haberdashery and some timid bar, as well as campsites, accommodating the nightlife couriers of information. The earthquake of 1980 in the Vallo di Diano surprisingly devoid a Southern Italy without roads and communications , even more isolated from the tragedy, in which the arrival of the newspaper was the only contact with the world, a harbinger of messages of outrage and hope. That year marked the passage of Vito Canto to the historic National distribution Agency ” Parrini ” and for the “Corriere dello Sport”. In the meantime Press changes, and in 1984 the first printing workshops were created in Salerno . In the 90s the advent of the world wide web allows, finally, to gradually computerize the system , working very well on withdrawals and reducing waste of newsprint. So after many achievements, Vito Di Canto has seen”his” DI CANTO SPA grow and increase the number of newspapers treated – Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, la Stampa, l’Avanti, Il Secolo XIX, il Corriere. To name just a few – up to establish itself as the official distributor for the southern area of all newspapers and magazines, national and local. His best memory? The night of the Italian victory at the World Football Championships in 1982.

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Today the Agency programs, plans and distributes publications Italian and foreign companies in all newsagents of the municipalities in the South Italy, always standing for quality and fairness, elements that have allowed it to collect a large consensus among the experts. In little more than 30 years of hard and professional work DI CANTO has acquired a deep experience on the dynamics of the publishing world and has been able to build a good network of contacts in the industry, dealing with leading groups such as L’Espresso and Mondadori, and individual retailers, thanks to the adoption of software, available online. These achievements , and fundamental future business developments , are the new starting point of a dream: sharing information tools , closing the supply chain on its critical step: from the publisher to each individual citizen .

The nodal points of press deployment path in Italy are local distribution agencies . These converses on the upper level with the Editorial Agency (Editors) and at a local level with individual dealers (Newsstands), both providing a service which is professional, continuous and traceable. The benefits of a supply chain go to the end user, meaning that the reader going every morning at the newsstand does it to keep being informed, exercising “de facto” a social right, recognized by art. 21 of the Italian Constitution.

The common goal of all members of the Italian press distribution is to ensure an extensive widespreading of publications on the territory, to get to individuals even in extraordinary or emergency cases.

Distribution planning, product positioning in the market and the marketing strategy are established by the Editorial Agency, making it to the Local distribution Agency. This is also committed to act independently during the sale period of the product over the territory to maximize its diffusion, limiting the number of unsold copies and optimizing depleted stores, consistent with editorial and marketing indications. To best perform this role, it is essential to consult historical and statistical data of the individual retailer, in particular the ratio between delivery and returns.


Di Canto SpA, in order to ensure a timely and unique control of the relationship between national distribution and retail outlet , has equipped its return and distribution departments of last generation plants. The return department uses, in fact, certified processing plants, equipped with a barcode reader and photocells with separation by editor, able to clearly divide the magazines from newspapers, sending them directly into the pallbox.

The distribution department as well has the latest generation shelved distribution facility, with LED display and point of sale identification. Each newsstand, therefore, has its own accommodation point allocated, which records data relating to quantities, ready to be delivered.

DISTRIBUTION AGENCIES AND NEWSSTANDSIMG_9406 The role of newsstands is not secondary in service management. They are appointed to the retail sale of all products received by the local distribution with the timeliness, continuity and professional commitment required for the development and diffusion of publishing products, according to marketing strategies established by publishers. The return data on the stocks of the products being sold, on any damaged copies, or copies without additional attachments or other goods and on sold copies are sent to the Distribution Agency, which transposes, process, and communicate them to the Editor.It follows that this passage is very delicate and the nature of the service requires a daily update, that the Di Canto SpA considered to facilitate its distribution network by providing a local web portal: With this tool, every single newsstand can access their historical data and facilitate its transmission to the Distribution Agency. It gives, in fact, real-time and interactive access to supply and return bills, to personal data and reservations, and real-time sales. is also viewable from any device, including smartphones and tablets, and provides also accessory options, such as a keyboard wedge barcode reader and a inkjet/laser printer (A4), for all documents received in pdf format.
The retailers, in order to take advantage of this service provided by Di Canto SpA must activate their account through a simple registration on the page on the website

Mr Vito Di Canto
Miss Evina Di Canto
Mr Donato Di Canto

Office diffusion:
Mr Alberto Coscia
Mr Giovanna Pappalardo
Miss Teresa Gaeta

Managing editors:
Sig. Giuseppe Solimene